Our Team

Patrick McCafferty

Full time job: Student

Years in the Emergency Services: Just over 2 years

Why did you join the emergency services?: I had been convinced by my friend Ryan and neighbor Brian Debus. I wasn’t totally sure I would love doing it but was pleasantly surprised.

Favorite thing to do for training: My favorite thing to do for training is probably when we do search and rescue trainings. Whether that involves us smoking up a room with a smoke machine or being blindfolded I enjoy when we work together training for a real life search and rescue situation.

Best class you have taken?: I have not taken many classes yet but my favorite so far has probably been CPR.

What’s something you would pass along to the next generation of first responders?: You are never too young to help. Just because you may not be able to fully participate in everything on the scene of calls does not mean you cannot make a difference.

Favorite thing about Perkiomen Township Volunteer Fire Company?: I love how the Fire Company is a family. Everyone there comes from different backgrounds and yet all come together to volunteer. Everyone there helps support each other and help each other learn.

Some fun facts about yourself: I am 16 years old and I run cross country and track for my school.