Our Team

Jeffery Wynne




Full time job: ER Tech

Years in the Emergency Services: 8 in firefighting, 3 in EMS

Why did you join the emergency services?: Assistant Chief Kevin Motsavage asked if I wanted to come to a training one night. I accepted the offer and immediately was amazed by the training and the crew who was there at the training.

Favorite thing to do for training: My favorite thing to do for training would probably have to be a search and rescue drill.

Best class you have taken?: Hazmat Tech was the coolest class I’ve taken.

What’s something you would pass along to the next generation of first responders?: As someone who is a first generation firefighter, don’t be afraid to change course or go a different path. There are roles and jobs for everyone.

Favorite thing about Perkiomen Township Volunteer Fire Company?: My favorite thing about the 66 is that we are all one big family. We are all always there for each other and they don’t let anyone struggle. People are always lending a helping hand to each other

Some fun facts about yourself: I currently am in the process of going to nursing school. Since working at the hospital, I decided I wanted to get my RN. I also have an Associates degree in Fire Science from Montgomery County Community College.