Our Team

Brad Bonner



Full time job: Construction Project Manager

Years in the Emergency Services: 30

Why did you join the emergency services?: I grew up with family and neighbors who were first responders, and caught the bug early. I was always eager to help people in need.

Favorite thing to do for training: It always comes down to fire and water, so I like the nights we’re laying some hose and flowing water, and the nights we get live action at the burn building in Skippack.

Best class you have taken?: Since I work in the construction business, my best class was Gas & Electric Fire School at PECO. We got to see when things go wrong in a controlled environment, which made us able to plan better for the fire ground.

What’s something you would pass along to the next generation of first responders?: It’s 2 parts, volunteering can be very rewarding, & sometimes frustrating. I have had many people thank me for the work done on a call and people genuinely appreciate the efforts of the first responders. The
frustration comes in the balancing of the time required….as a volunteer you still have to go to work or school, still have to do your part in your family, and can’t make every call.

Favorite thing about Perkiomen Township Volunteer Fire Company?: This fire company, like many others is made up of strangers, neighbors, and friends, who all work together to serve the community, and become a family. As a new resident of the township, I was fortunate to be welcomed by John Moran, Sr. after an incident at my home. The family continues to grow and expand as we continue to welcome new members of different ages and experience.

Some fun facts about yourself: I’m the guy with the dog….I enjoy sharing my own dog, Jakey, with the company as the company dalmatian. You can see him at the station or at many company events. He loves a parade and anywhere they serve hot dogs…even has his own Instagram @perkyjakey