Volunteers Needed!!

The Perkiomen Twp. Fire Company is 100% Volunteer. We could use your help in a number of different ways!


There are many different ways that you can help:


Firefighter - Individuals who are18 years old or older and have the drive to respond to emergencies within their community. Emergencies include building fires, auto accidents, hazardous materials/gas leaks, and much more!


Junior Firefighters - Members who are between the ages of 16 and 18 and want to help give back to their community but aren't quite old enough to be firefighter have a special role within the Perkiomen Twp. Fire Company. We have a special program that allows these members to train and prepare to become a firefighter when they turn 18. These members are allowed to respond to most emergency calls and support their firefighter brothers/sisters at whatever emergency they are responding to.


Cadet Firefighter - Members who are ages 14 and 15 and are interested in learning about what it takes to be a firefighter. The cadet program is designed to prepare firefighters to take the required courses to before a fully active and certified firefighter. Cadet members will be assigned a senior firefighter or officer to lead them during training activities. Cadet members are able to attend most trainings and respond to emergency calls in Perkiomen Township during specific hours. 


Fire Police - Individuals who respond to emergencies and help keep the emergency scenes safe by controlling traffic flow or crowds of people. These individuals are crucial to the fire group because they are the ones that keep the firefighters operating at the scene of an emergency safe.


Non-Emergency Volunteers - Extra help is always needed around the fire house whether it is an administrative role, maintenance role for the trucks or the station, help with fund raisers or you just want to join our family we welcome all.



Interested in becoming joining our family? Stop by the station any Monday night from 7:00pm-9:00pm.

Ready to fill out an application? Click the HERE.


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