About Us

Welcome to the website of 

Perkiomen Township Fire Company #1

Montgomery County, PA Station 66


Our fire company was founded in January 1951 and incorporated shortly after the first organizational meeting. Since that time the members have taken this organization to new levels.

We invite you to look at our website, make comments on its content and support us in our fund raising activities.

Check back with us often for updates and changes. In the mean time be FIRE SAFE!

Hall Rentals

***** For information on renting the hall at the Perkiomen Fire Company call 610-489-7707 and leave a message on the voicemail in the hall rental mailbox. *****


Applications are being accepted for membership in our organization and are currently available at the firehouse on Monday evenings. Applications can also be found under the Volunteers Needed tab to the left. Please consider joining, there is a job available for everyone.

Operational Officers

Chief 66                           John Barnshaw

Deputy 66                        Stan Turtle

Assistant 66                    Kevin Motsavage

Assistant 66-1                 Brian Debus

Battalion 66/FM76          John Moran Jr.         

Battalion 66-1                 Rob Weber

Lieutenant 66                  Bill Patterson



Engineer 66                    Michael Zielinski

Engineer 66-1                 Shawn Motsavage

Engineer 66-2                 Tom Callahan

Engineer 66-3                 Brad Bonner

Engineer 66-4                 John Evans

Engineer 66-5                 Jeff Parlee



FP Captain  FP 66-1       Russell Bean

Fire Police                      Dave Owad

Fire Police                      Beth Stott

Fire Police                      Kim Stott

Fire Police                      Al Beerman

Fire Police                      Victor Kuryqczak



 Administrative Officers

President                        Brad Bonner

Vice President                Dan Melville

Recording Secretary     Thomas Callahan

Financial Secretary       Loren Collins

Treasurer                        Bill Patterson



Chair                              Michael Zielinski

Trustee                           Jeff Wynne

Trustee                           Chris DiFerdinando

Trustee                           John Auchenbach

Trustee                           Justin Piccone

Trustee                           Nick Matregrano


Relief Association

President                       John Moran, Jr.

Vice President               John Barnshaw

Secretary                       Brad Bonner

Treasurer                       Kevin Motsavage


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